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Website Membership

Registering on will create an editable profile that you can use to comment on public posts, read the latest gaming news, and chat all things Call Of Duty and Battlefield. Not all website users will be clan members. If you would like clan membership you will need to apply for this.

How can I apply to join the clan?

All players must meet the following criteria to be applicable for membership.



Be over 18

Live in the EU or USA.

Have a PlayStation 4

Have a working headset

Play Call Of Duty

Have a minimum KDR of 1.25

Be active on our website and/or Discord server weekly.

What do I get as a member?

All Members of UGA are applicable to full member benefits after their first month as a member. These benefits are there to help you improve your game and your social media. Some of these benefits are listed below:


Access to the members only section of the website

Access to the Discord server to communicate with other clan members

Have your streaming profile listed on Discord and have the opportunity to be a featured streamer on the website front page.

Opportunity to have your stream and public profiles displayed on the website permanently.

Free social media content to support your streaming as a UGA member

Have your social media content retweeted from our social profiles to an audience of over 20000 people a month.

Access to our ex Tournament players for training sessions

Access to free tutorials and guidance to improve your game.

Time with our social media and marketing experts to help you increase your followers and social footprint.

Is all this free?

We do not charge members any fees and being a member is absolutely free of charge. We are happy to help loyal members with content design for social media and promoting members at zero cost.

Will my membership be cancelled if I am not a regular player?

Inactive member details are kept for a period six months after the last date of inactivity. This starts 3 months after the last login session on the website.