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Battlefield 5: Firestorm

He is out! Battlefield 5: Firestorm!

And this Battle Royal update of around 7-10GB is now playable as from March 25th.

If you don’t have any Battlefield V yet, then you probably get it half the price now due to this new game-mode where ‘DICE’ have talked about for the past year.


“The largest Battlefield map ever” DICE

Besides the amazing graphics DICE has managed to put in this game they really has re-mastered this game-mode battle royal! Not a boring blue storm that other Battle Royal games are offering but just 1 massive map which closes down with a ring of fire.

About the size of this ‘Halvøy’ map its should be around 10 times the ‘Hamada’ map and inspired on the peninsula ‘Halvøya’ in Norway.

Before I forget: the class you choose to play doesn’t affect anything at all, just the way you look.

So dress up and look prettyJ

Maybe one of our UGA members can help you pick your style…


This game-mode starts in an airplane and you’ll need to jump as what we are used to do with Battle Royal gameplays. Now you have to choose your drop-point… to get some weapons and gear from loots and win this game.

If you apply for our ‘United Gamers Alliance’ clan we can all play together to be the best squad every time and dominate Battlefield V … Squad up boys/girls and join us now!

Now about those looting locations several websites made maps of locations where you can find the best loot. However the areas that offer the highest level of loot also attracts the highest number of players obviously. So if you are brave enough… follow the largest group!

**with thanks to Battlefield dataminer “temporyal” here below a map of some looting places**

The pink dots show all in game tier 3 loot spawns for “scattered equipment” (items that are just lying around on the floor).

Only these locations have an increased base chance to spawn rare and epic weapons apart from “advanced” loot opportunities like strongboxes or safes.

1 thing is certain; Safes contain high-value loot so you may find epic armor or a superb weapon that will win you or your squad the game.



We will not go to mention all the weapons and their specs which you can loot but the most common weapons are green, rare weapons are blue and the epic weapons are purple.

This will get you started.

In terms of which rare/epic weapons specifically are best. Well, it will, of course, subjective and also depends on your playstyle. Ask around with our clan members and try out their suggestions. You might find a new way to play you’ll never thought off…

So join the clan now and play with us and let’s help each other in our road to become the best clan around the globe.



In Firestorm’s ‘Halvøy‘ map atomic bunkers or garages can be found  and inside you can find Churchill- or Panzer IV-tank, Epic tier-weapons and gadgets.

But beware! if you try to open them an alarm goes off for everybody to hear. You might have to look out for enemy soldiers and prepare yourselves for a fight.

Also across this map helicopters can be found.

Great for travelling large distances and it’s a new feature in Battlefield 5.

But there is something going on with all vehicle’s in this game-mode.

They need gasoline! So you’ll need to find some gasoline which could be looted anywhere to use your vehicle for a long time.

Also we found out that flying through a storm is not working. So stay within your circles!



You can call in reinforcements, and this time no requisition points are needed but in Firestorm you’ll have to find an (beacon) flare gun. Besides the normal flare gun to spot your enemies it can be for a supply, vehicle, artillery strikes or a V1 Rocket.

Just aim, shoot and wait for something special going to happen there.

You just have to find the right one.  Look at what kind of reinforcement is pictured in your inventory in order to know which one you have looted and can be used to get you or your team to the finale.  If you read this article then you have the time as well to sign up for our lovely clan here and play along with our wonderful group of members.  As we are very active in Firestorm’s battle royal and we need you to be bigger then we already are.


Let’s dominate! We are UGA… don’t underestimate





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