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Who are UGA?

UGA (United Gamers Alliance) is a Call Of Duty and Battlefield clan with members in the EU and USA. Starting as a community of gamers in 2017, we have progressed into our first year as an Esports organisation. During the Black Ops 4 season we are proud to support two Call of Duty teams -The Cold Blooded and Sixth Sense. We will also be extending our support to Battlefield V squads with our supported teams being announced soon! So stay tuned!

How can I join the ranks?

If you would like to become a website member where you can follow our team streams, comment on articles and get access to all our news and updates. Guests can comment on posts by entering the required details on each post.


Registering on the website does not automatically make you a member of the clan. If you would like to join our private Discord server where you can chat with the teams and improve your game play go here –  APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP

Are you supporting any new teams?

With our current commitments we cannot support any further teams in the EU. We will be selecting teams for Battlefield prior to the game arriving. If you’d like to apply, please send us a message via the contact form.

Are you looking for teams to scrim against?

If you are another competitive team and would like to play against one of our teams. Please send us a message via the contact form and a member of staff will be in contact with you to discuss any proposals.

Are you looking for sponsorship opportunities?

We are happy to partner with organisations with similar interests and where there is a beneficial agreement for both parties. Please contact us on with information on any proposals.

Are you endorsed by the companies on your carousels?

We are a self funded organisation and not endorsed in any way with the companies listed on our website carousels. These are companies that we find bring value to our game and we are happy to refer to our members and website visitors. Any organisations that we are associated with will be clearly indicated as sponsors or affiliates.